Hello darling, are you here searching for the one that makes you feel peace when you are at her feet? Does the noise silence out when you gaze gratefully in her eyes? If so, then you have found your Queen. 


You will never know when your Queen will guide, dominate, punish, and play with you, as she makes you ache with longing, dying to serve her to the best of your ability. Only the most loyal, subservient, slaves will be considered her pets. Only the best slaves will be allowed to view her glory.


Will be you the favourite and serve her while she lounges in bed? Or will you be miserable pig that is whipped mercilessly while handcuffed to her bed? Perhaps you will be both. 

What she adores is to seduce, dominate and humiliate you, so high pain tolerance may not be necessary in certain situations if you feel uncomfortable or you’re a sissy boy who can’t take it. Just know whatever she wants is your mantra. She is the Queen and you’re lucky if she chooses to grace your pathetic little lives with her presence.




To be commanded and exploited, to grovel to your knees, to be taken care of, to be told what to do, and exactly how to do it and when to do it is what Mistress Katana does with smooth excellence. Her wants and needs will consume you day and night and only when you serve her every last wish will you be satiated and fulfilled. You’re doing what you were meant to do.


Bridge into the Woods

Her beautiful nails are dangerous claws, her mind filled with sadistic thoughts. Those she marks, she claims. Those she claims enter into a submissive realm that exists deep within. A state that they search for ceaselessly and crave. She will cradle you in it, she will imprison you in it. You will embrace all of it and revel in your true exixtence. You have found your place.

Excitement   Exhilaration   Ecstasy