Service to your Queen

Be polite, respectful and address her title always with head bowed down.


You must be able to keep your appointment and be on time. If you are late, this will subtract from the length of your session. If you arrive early, you will have to wait as she does not rush for your sake. If you must cancel, give 48 hour notice. Failure to do this results in blacklisting your profile.


Gifts put you in the good graces of Her Highness and would please her to consider rewarding you homage to her perfect toes.


Before contacting, be prepared for a screening process, and use an unblocked number.


Never try to negotiate tribute.


Assure you arrive clean, impeccable hygiene, ready to serve.




Frequently Asked Questions


Q- What do I call you? 

A- You May call her Queen, or Lady Katana. Sometimes on a whim she alsos enjoy Mistress of Great Beauty.





Q- Where are you located? Do you come to me?

A- Location is downtown situated in civilian setting where you will serve her with menial tasks and provide her cruel enjoyment at your expense. If you wish the dungeon experience add $100 with selected session and you would be travelling to her Dungeon equipped with the necessary tools to ensure your satisfaction as an obedient slave. Should you wish that she sees you in the privacy of your own home, you may request this, additional fees may apply.





Q- Is this an escort service?

A- No. Do not ask as you will be ignored. The time she prepares with you will be carefully constructed to ensure that what you’re seeking is conducive to your needs to serve your Queen to the best of your ability.  Also the use of safe words and careful consideration to safety is taken utmost seriously.





Q- Are you accepting full time slaves?

A- Depending on your talents and usefulness, postions may be granted. There are certain requirements that apply.





Q- Can you provide more photos?

A- Her site will have plenty of photos that are maintained to give you a glimpse into her alluring beauty. Should she deem you worthy, you will be granted an audience with her.





Q- What types of payment do you take?

A- Cash is preferred. Email money transfer may also be accepted.





Q- Can I book today?

A- For the best experience and preparation for your appointment, a 24 hour booking is required.