Eat it now.

Have you ever eaten to the point of extreme fullness? What if you wanted to secretly keep eating but were afraid people will think you’re a gluttonous sloth? Now Queen will laugh as you squirm and gag from her pushing meat, cake, anything she desires down your throat. She will smear cake all over your body and you will roll in it like the filthy little pig you are. 


Food play, role play, humiliation.

450 1hr




tele BIG_edited.jpg


Hello. Now on your knees.

No matter where it is Mistress will dominate your every move. Watching, instructing, assessing and correcting you, she will truly own and control you. 

Daily/Weekly Slave Tasks 

Text/Phone /Skype/Email

Voyeurism, Control, Humiliation

100 1hr



You’re blushing my dear.

Wine, dine, entertain and spoil her while she discreetly or overtly dominates and teases you, letting you know who’s the boss. A slap in the face should keep you in line.


Shopping, restaurants, events, social gatherings, spas, theatre

1000 3hr







That dress is so pretty on you.

Are you ready to show the whole world who you really are? That you’re the prettiest best sissy ever? Do you want to strut around the mall in your slutty little outfit while tossing your hair? 



Or do you want to be a good servant boy and hold her bags and be a foot stool while she trys on new shoes? Have an audience watch as you get chastised and told you’re a fool.


Malls, park, events, social gatherings, 

450 1hr







Time for your punishment.

Have you been thinking disgusting thoughts? Do you need to be taught a good lesson? 

Get down on your hands and knees at the BDSM confessional and be free. Reveal your inner most secrets, and receive punishment from her divine whip. You’re going to cry like a little girl.


Role play, impact play, submission

300 1hr





Tribute :

All other types of sessions

1 hr - $350

1.5 hr - $500

2 hr - $600

3 hr - $900

4 hr - $1200


A minimum of $50 CAD is the required amount to confirm an appointment with Mistress Katana. This deposit will go towards total amount due before starting the session. Payment deposits can be made through email money transfer, Paypal or Amazon gift card.

You may contact Mistress Katana for longer sessions or lifetime slave duties.